The Myth of Finding Gold on the Internet

This is not a book about Bitcoin folks. It is about the claims of striking it rich via internet marketing. We have all read the stories. Joe Blow works from home and makes $500 an hour. Your inbox is probably full of the emails claiming the same thing. Yet is there any truth to it? Well yes and no. Depending on which end of the stick you are on. So what I have done is I wrote a book peeling back the layers of fact and fiction (and trust me there are a lot more fiction layers than factual ones) Hey buddy before you go ahead on the buy now button below. We have to talk. This is a one way road. Meaning you can not buy and ask for a refund. Since we are not idiots here. Buying a digital downloadable book and then asking for your money back means you have my product for free and I have nothing. So by clicking on the BUY NOW button below you agree to the below  terms. (NO REFUNDS) Now you are asking yourself what do I get for $9.99 well you get an original piece of literature. Hand cura